No-Crack design

Project QuickStats

Location The Hill, New South Wales
Stone Colour  Black Ash
Total Area 61 square meters
Date Installed 07-06-2021

Modern Alternative to Exposed Aggregate

This project installed near Newcastle in NSW is another great example of a high contrasting blend of stone to compliment modern home design.

Installed over a combination of new and old concrete bases, we take more of a look at what is involved factoring in the multiple existing expansion joints inherent when new concrete is installed alongside the old.

Salt and Pepper classic

The typical driveway marks the very front of the home and ideally, this should be the most decorative paved area of the property. If for no other reason, when you arrive home each day this is the look that will greet you at the end of each day.

Renovation with a quality material that will last is also an investment. When prospective buyers eventually look at your home, will this be the feature that makes all the difference on the brochures?

For new build homes, the driveway is one of the last expenses at the end of the build. As a consequence, so many modern homes are left with a stark and plain concrete driveway. Not only is the home an owners caste, It was important that this client create an impression for visitors!

Taking our second darkest colour Pitch Black, and blending it in a 50:50 ratio with Ash white marble has the effect to drive strong visibly distinct aggregate look (rather than a uniformity of colour which can be perceived as spray coating driveways from the street)

Some of our more modern installations use a high contrast blend like these photos below;

Porous and beautiful

Exposed aggregate driveways have been around for decades. The process involves setting a strong base as per Australian standards, then pouring the structural slab at typically 100mm thick. The next step is a topping of cement mixed with a certain quantity of decorative stone.

The final result of an exposed aggregate driveway is revealed, once the topping has dried and an acid wash’ is applied, eating most of the dusty cement off the surface, whilst leaving the stone or (aggregate) exposed.

StoneSet porous paving is different installation method all together. Rather than the stone being mixed in with a cement which then dries and locks it all together as one solid mass, StoneSet simply mixes the raw stone with a resin binder.

This means there is no cement involved at all! After the structural slab is poured, the decorative topping of StoneSet mixes stone and resin (not stone and cement). The result is a water porous surface layer, comprised of decorative stone locked together with gaps to allow water to flow through freely.

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Avoiding driveway cracks

Avoiding future cracking is one of the most important steps of installing a StoneSet driveway. Here, the existing concrete was extended to widen the driveway, which involved pouring a new concrete section to the driveway.

Over time and with daily vehicle traffic, there is no avoiding movement between the new slab and the old. Gradually the newer section of concrete will compact the base underneath it as the slab settles.  For this reason its very important expansion joints are installed over all existing joints between the concrete slab.

The expansion joint shown in the photo above are just one of many installed on the project, to ensure no cracks will result from the millimeteres of movement that can occur between the slabs.

Cracks can form in concrete over time for various reasons;

  • Subisdence or Movement down – This can be drainage leading to erosion and destabilisation of the sub-base
  • Pressure Movement up – Tree roots are a classic example, also concrete cancer cracking
  • Heavy Impacts – Cracks from when a point load penetrates the surface
  • Erosion – Water ingress can get into cracks and lead to expansion and contraction swelling and widening of cracks.

If you would like more information on this particular Porous pavement project, please contact us on 1300 392 155 and quote the job reference number 7979, we would be more than happy to discuss your Driveway project and we can fast track how StoneSet porous paving may suit your specific paving project.