Modern Home, Modern Paving!

Employing orderly, clean lines to orchestrate a minimalist charm, Sydneys modern home building trends show no sign of slowing down! We take a look at key features of a modern home’s facade, including StoneSet’s resin bound stone as a modern alternative to exposed aggregate driveways.

Project QuickStats

Location Bellavista, New South Wales
Stone Colour 6mm Charcoal
Total Area 65 square meters
Date Installed 27-04-2020

A Modern Build masterpiece

Here’s a great example of new home design in Sydneys pre-eminent suburb for modern designed homes, Bella Vista in the Northwest Hills District. Installed by StoneSet approved installers Blue Tongue Landscapes, complete with edging and adjacent landscaping work.

Inspiration for modern home living exists in abundance in some of Sydneys fastest growing suburbs, primarily in the Northwest Hills and South West Camden communities.

Paving the way to a grand frontage

Generously portioned inside and out, modern homes are built for a growing family. Design focus is to maximise living spaces and property value, where choice in special building finishes (like resin bound stone paving) help to maintain uniqueness and resale value.

Modern home design is large, making full use of the property allotment – generous open plan living room and kitchens, multiple larger bedrooms, walk in robes, home cinemas and games rooms.

Larger master bedrooms and stairwells result in second stories leaving no room for the traditional pitched roof. The result is a generous and modular home frontage. Consequently modern home driveways have a smaller footprint, often 50 square meters or less.

Plain concrete driveways on the resulting grand frontage detract from modern home curbside appeal, leaving an impression works on a property are yet to be completed. Spray or epoxy type driveway resurfacing does well to improve the home frontage from a distance, but thse materials risk the property falling back into obscurity

This relatively small driveway footprint helps to make financial sense when investing in the highest of quality decorative exposed aggregate. With a choice of over 15 natural colours and the option to mix unlimited custom blends, quality natural exposed aggregate finishes allow homeowners and designers to create something truely special from the home.

‘Bringing the outside in’

Hallmarks of modern homes design are their grand floor to ceiling windows and natural stone clad columms, adjacent the homes entry. Here, glass balustrading further acts to avoid detracting visually from clean, orderly lines of the white facade.

Such design features act to soften the frontage of otherwise large obscuring external walls. While bigger windows facilitate natural lighting to large rooms, stone cladding softens the visual frontage. The result distills out the modern living theme of ‘nature at order’, with products like stack stone pillars communicating this visually.

The ultimate in modern paving, StoneSet’s resin bound stone uses polyurethane, rather than cement to bind natural Australian aggregates. Photos below showcase the popularity of StoneSet in modern home design, to creating that special as-new exposed aggregate driveway for decades to come.

stoneset Gallery in modern design

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The latest in the evolution of hard surface paving, resin bound stone technology sees aggregate held together at points of contact between the stone (rather than casting it in cement binder and acid washing the surface, resulting in ‘exposed’ aggregate)

Porous voids that form between the decorative stone (bound by StoneSet’s polyurethane resin) are not only water porous, but avoid the otherwise inevitable discolouration of a binding cement.

Dirt, mould and general darkening of exposed aggregate driveways are often because the cement of the surface has not had concrete sealer applied, often on a bi- or tri-annual maintenance schedule.

StoneSet not only avoids these rigid concrete resealing maintenance schedules but offers a minimum warranty on no loose / no discolouration of stone. Together with the unequal durability of mineral colouration of the bound-stone surface (rather than pigmented epoxy) under daily, 8 hour harsh UV exposure, affords StoneSet paving a reputation of 25 years in its effective design life.