Mosman Sandstone Pathway Resurfacing

Older properties (particularly inner city townhouses and strata) properties tend to come with their own unique concrete patchwork.

Mottled new concrete and old, accumulated over decades detracts significantly from the properties appearance. Such was the case for this property in Sydneys prestige lower north shore.

Strips and cuts made in the concrete after this properties century old ceramic pipe plumbing was replaced with modern long-lasting PVC


Our Ash blend of stone was perfect to match the Sandstone edging and retaining walls to create a clean and tidy pathway in this established residence in Mosman.

Having purchased the property with a plan in mind to rejuvenate the very old and tired concrete surfaces, our client chose the clean white of quartz to resurface tired and old Concrete in the video above.

Ash is a fantastic choice to lighten up the landscape. Uniformity of colour in the whiteness of quartz, the appearance of loose stone is mostly visible in closer quarters.

From further back, it is less obvious the paving is indeed natural stone. The uniform white of the quartz reflects the brightness of the sun, dazzling the eye into a seeing a single clear and bright colour.

Some beautiful applications of our Ash stone are shown below.