Resurfacing battle axe driveways

Looking for the complete finish to a modern façade, this home backed on the beautiful views over the George River at the rear of the property.

Only recently built, the property was on a battle axe block, so a long spray coated driveway was the original decorative surface on the driveway, which was approximately 3 years old.

Project QuickStats

Location Oatley, New South Wales
Cost $28,234.17
Stone Colour  Charcoal Tan Ash
Total Area 245 square meters
Date Installed 06-09-2019


The before photos show the spray pave cracking in areas and peeling off the cement substrate. Its less well know that black spray coatings absorb more heat and therefore are more prone to friction, degradation and cracking than the lighter versions such as greys and navy colours.

A few photos below show the extent of the cracking, fading and scuff marks at the time StoneSet was called in to resurface the driveway.

The red mesh shown in the photos is used to prevent further cracking once the stoneset is installed, as the resin grabs on to the red mesh as well as the substrate, allowing for more movement of the crack in the substrate without reflecting the crack to the StoneSet in the future.

With all finishes to construction, the spray pavement would have been originally installed as a finishing to the new build, at the very end of construction (once all trades had finished up on site). Given the long driveway, most of the trades had to unload the construction materials and tools near the entry and the spray coating would have been done last.

All up, applying StoneSet to this Driveway was a 1 day install, covering 245 square meters of resin bound stone. This investment in the the exposed aggregate look meant the finish will far out last the previous installation of spray on resurfacing on the concrete.