Why So Many Professionals Use Porous Paving

No matter how big your next project is, StoneSet porous paving can provide you with a durable, low maintenance system which not only looks great but is fully permeable! With increasing restrictions on hard to soft landscaping, this system will ensure your project is approved and negate the need for long term maintenance funds. The multi-layer system allows water to permeate the ground while retaining a high quality, professionally maintained appearance. The final top coat is a resin-based formulation that holds your aggregate firmly in place to reduce repairs and maintenance.

StoneSet is a great solution for the following common problems:


Erosion is an increasingly serious problem for many builders and landscapers. Porous paving has several layers of materials and a porous topcoat that allows the water to absorb into the soil. This protects your local trees and shrubs by allowing the water and nutrients they need to reach them.



Water runoff picks up all the pollutants and contaminants that sit on top of the ground. Porous paving circumvents this from occurring by allowing the water to reach the soil almost immediately. This reduces the number of particles the water carries into local streams, rivers, and wells.

Moreover, water runoff can dig holes and channels into your property that are costly and inconvenient to repair year after year.

Controlling the runoff reduces oils and metals from coming into direct contact with your water systems and protects homes and buildings from damage to foundations.

Permeable paving allows water to collect in storage systems or safely carries it away from the property. This allows builders and landscapers to create a low maintenance lawn or yard.

Porous paving cleans up easily with mild soap and water while still keeping your gravel and stones firmly in place. Whether you like the glossy finish or a more natural matte, StoneSet has a variety of colours and tints available to match your needs.


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