Why Landscape Architects Should Use Porous Paving For Their Projects

permeable paving sydney driveway patio

Landscape architects design living, breathing works of art. Whether it’s a simple flowerbed, or a walk-through garden, the end results are meant to be experienced. However, to make sure there’s as little pressure put on the landscape as possible, most architects will include a path for admirers to walk across.



The problem with most paved paths, though, is that they create drainage issues. The last thing an architect wants after carefully setting up an entire landscape is to have it drowned by runoff from the walkway.

That’s why investing in porous paving is such a good idea.

Unlike traditional paving, porous paving allows water to drain straight through it. So instead of planning around runoff from paths, architects can maintain a more streamlined appearance. Water, whether it’s from the sprinkler system or from a good, hard rain, will slip through the paving as if it was never there.



This benefits attendees, as well as the landscape. If water is allowed to drain through the pavement itself, which traps any unwanted pollutants and keeps them out of the soil, it means there’s never going to be any puddles on the paths. This makes them safer, as well as efficient.

There are a lot of reasons to use porous paving in your next landscaping project.

If you need more information about this unique type of pavement, and the benefits it can offer you, all you have to do is contact us today!