Why incorporate StoneSet in your lanscaping projects for your clients

Hardscaping has hit the market as the residential landscaping choice. With winter approaching, you are thinking of the best way to spruce your landscaping deals with new trends. In recent years, the home landscaping trends led landscapers to focus on raising sustainable garden beds for food production and adding features such as waterfalls, fancy fountains and koi fish ponds for a local ecosystem.

Landscapers neglected finished landscaping around these features making them lack an aesthetic appeal. However, homeowners are looking for ways to enjoy and enhance some of their value added features with full landscaping design. Many people have these particular features on their property but lack patios and pathways to link them and minimize the frequency of garden and lawn maintenance.



Hardscaping with StoneSet helps you achieve that aesthetic appeal that is easy on the eyes, as well as the environment. All of our products are fully permeable allowing water to penetrate the surface to the ground below and with issues surrounding pollution and nature preservation, porous paving has become essential in landscaping.


At StoneSet, we have a high-grade resin design that creates strong bonds. This results in particles being held firmly at points of contact leaving voids for only air and water to pass through.

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly, versatile, and aesthetically appealing porous paving?

Look no further.

At StoneSet, you will find the perfect look for all your landscaping projects. We also use locally sourced rock and stone to keep the cost low and blend the landscape. Besides, the paving is flexible and crack resistance and will stay for many years saving you money on repairs and replacement.


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