Why choose porous paving?


Porous paving offers clients an environmentally friendly paving option that has proven to be cost effective. Porous paving allows the water to drain through the surface, which minimises pooling on top of the surface. This feature prevents the surface from busting or cracking. This reduces the cost of repairs and provides longevity of the paved area.

Porous pavement is very low maintenance.  It is cleaned with detergent and a brush, or by pressure washing.



Porous paving reduces water pooling by allowing the water to drain through the surface, eventually returning to the soil.  Since the water drains through the pavement, it is filtered before returning to the earth’s soil, which provides cleaner healthier waterways.

StoneSet uses recycled and reclaimed materials in their manufacturing.  Using this type of materials helps to cut down on environmental waste.  Also, by adding porous paving to a pre-existing area, waste going to a landfill is kept to a minimal.



StoneSet offers a variety of stones and recycled glass in an array of colours for your project. Our staff work closely with our clients to provide the best design for their project.

With over 45 years of experience, the product gas mastered the paving industry.  We can use a blend of our products to provide a durable finish to your high-traffic areas.

We also understand that safety is a must. During the curing stage of the pavement, we cast glass or sand over the top which provides a smooth anti-slip finish.

StoneSet strives to provide our clients with only the best that the paving industry has to offer.


If you would like more information please contact us, or download our Free Whitepaper which will tell you more about porous paving and its benefits in Australia:


Porous paving benefits whitepaper