Why Builders & Architects Know How to Use StoneSet for Commercial Purposes

Are you a builder or architect who is thinking about adding some hardscapes to your commercial property? Then you should know how to use StoneSet for commercial purposes.

 Then you should know how to use StoneSet for commercial purposes. In fact, StoneSet’s porous paving is so well-loved by landscapers, builders and engineers that it is considered as best-in-class.


Whether your commercial project is a hospital, school, shopping centre, swimming pool or day care centre, StoneSet’s porous paving offers a variety of benefits, including:

  •  Easy-care maintenance makes the hardscaping easier and cheaper to maintain
  • Superior safety due to slip-resistant surface that prevents patron slips and falls
  • Increased protection from incurring liability from patron falls and slips
  • Enhanced appearance and aesthetic appeal which attracts more patrons and visitors
  • Porous paving can circumvent the need for extensive drains which can be expensive and unattractive
  • Covering tree pits with porous paving extends the life of trees and foliage
  • Easily customise porous paving with your custom logo and colours for better brand identity
  • Reduced noise in busy outdoors areas due to sound-dampening porous paving

For all these reasons and more, StoneSet is the builder’s choice for commercial hardscaping projects of all kinds.

When building a new driveway, the homeowner has overall responsibility for the building works on site, and reputable builders and trades are of course required, to be certified and abide by all environmental and safety rules with regard to construction.


StoneSet’s innovative hardscaping solution is the perfect choice for a variety of commercial projects – from driveways and playgrounds to pathways, courtyards and tree surround – and many more. The landscaping possibilities are unlimited as your creativity!


The experts at StoneSet have established the company as Australia’s most trusted leader in the porous paving industry. As a member of the Master Builders Australia, StoneSet is committed to collaborating with builders and architects to create water-sensitive, safe, affordable surfaces for schools, medical facilities, and other businesses.

We would love to listen to your needs and provide you with our hardscape recommendations for your commercial project. Please contact us for a complimentary consultation at your convenience!

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