What Are The Financial Benefits of Porous Paving?

If you’ve been looking for cleaner, greener solutions to your paving needs, then you’re no doubt familiar with porous paving. This simple material acts just like concrete or asphalt, but instead of presenting a solid pavement, it’s full of tiny passages that let water drain naturally.

While porous paving is often more expensive than traditional paving when compared on a one-to-one basis, if you back out to look at the big picture, this sort of paving solution actually saves money in the long-run.



Say you’re laying a parking lot. The asphalt in the parking lot itself is only one part of the project. You need to make sure the pavement is angled for drainage, and you have to be sure there are gutters and storm water drains to accept the runoff. Those things require space, they take additional work to install, and they can drive up the cost of a project quite quickly.

However, when you install porous paving, there is no need for additional drainage. The pavement is an all-in-one solution when it comes to whisking away water, and what’s better is that porous pavement lets the water drain naturally, rather than letting it run into a tunnel, transporting it across town, and then allowing it to be disposed of miles away from where it originally fell.

Before you start another paving project, take a moment to consider the big picture. Often the solutions are ones you wouldn’t have seen if you were too close to the ground.


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