Flinders Street Station, Melbourne

Melbourne station

According to the Australian Design Review, it has been announced that the jury had unanimously voted for the HASSELL and Herzog & de Meuron proposal in the Flinders Street Station design competition, while Velasquez, Pineda & Medina had been victorious in the People’s Choice Award.


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The whole scheme is a tribute to the enlightened approach so prevalent in recent times from the design leaders of the nation. Every scheme worth its salt demonstrates the massive strides being taken to build in sustainability, management of water resources and defining implementation techniques that are ever mindful of energy consumption.

This is exactly the sort of project that lends itself to the sustainable benefits of StoneSet. The applications are varied and exciting from tree surrounds, pedestrian pathways, vehicular routes, internal walkways which can even incorporate logos, directional arrows and lines and so on.

StoneSet is now a familiar and trusted product and can now be specified in many ways, in addition to the traditional StoneSet we can offer:

  • StoneSet Urban for major projects like Flinders Street Station
  • StoneSet Pour On
  • StoneSet Barefoot
  • StoneSet Gloss

Michael Newton, August 2013

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