Trending Pavement that’s Good for the Planet

These days lots of homeowners try to make eco-friendly choices when it comes to hardscaping projects, but few may realize just how their choice of paving materials can affect the planet.


Water is one of our most precious natural resources. StoneSet’s blend of stone and polyurethane resin does a far better job of conserving and preserving it than concrete, due to its permeable nature.

Rainwater tends to run off cement and asphalt surfaces and into storm drains away from the plants that need it most. However, scientists say permeable pavement encourages the natural water cycle by allowing rainwater to flow through it. It lets water soak into the soil where it can reach greenery. Eventually it will evaporate back into the atmosphere where it will become rain once again.

Permeable paving’s reduction of runoff also helps prevent flooding. Since it channels more water into the ground, less rain reaches rivers and retention basins. Reducing runoff also protects riverbanks and creek beds from erosion, and that preserves their integrity during severe storms.

In addition, StoneSet’s porous pavement actually helps keep our water cleaner. By allowing the water to slowly be absorbed into the ground and be converted into a safer form before reaching our waterways. Bacteria and fungi break down these complex substances into safer elements easily absorbed by the soil.



Your trees and plants may enjoy your StoneSet hardscaping projects almost as much as you do. It gives them plenty of breathing room! Concrete and asphalt can block air and water from reaching plant roots. Permeable paving lets both to get through. Plus, it’s flexible, giving your greenery room to grow. Tree roots can make a cracked mess of concrete, but our pavement bends.



Many people think StoneSet’s permeable paving is much more attractive than traditional concrete, but that’s not what makes it really cool. Our blend of stone and polyurethane resin doesn’t absorb and reflect heat the way concrete does. It stays cool under the sun’s most punishing rays. Scientists say this can help reduce the heat island effect in urban areas.



StoneSet uses only locally sourced stone from environmentally conscious quarries. The local sourcing reduces the carbon footprint usually left by transporting materials long distances. Plus, we only use quarries that take steps to reduce the amount of dust generated by their operations, which also helps clear the air. Our glass range is also 100% recycled.

Let StoneSet show you how to enhance your home and help the planet at the same time.

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