#theDrivewayProject Drives sense of Community!

Strict social distancing and mass cancellation of events across Australian has seen photographers lose work whilst families are yearning to reconnect with community. An innovative new trend to capture family portraits on our driveways is documenting this new way of life, as we all find ways to remain connected with our communities during lockdown.

The COVID-19 forced isolation across Australia has taken us all off guard in 2020.

Any other circumstances would have the situation look like worldwide armageddon – Countries locking down their borders, Sharemarkets values tumbling, Milan and New York and other bustling international tourist cities now completely deserted.

But amid lockdowns and the dramatic reduction in personal freedoms, we’re seeing blooms of humanity shine through the chaos. These trends creatively reinforce our desire for solidarity, humanity and best of all Humour.

In Italy, residents have taken to their balconies every Friday to Sunday at 6pm in song, as part of the movement #unitimalontani (united but far part). In Wuhan, China chants of solidarity ‘Jiayo’ (you can do it) have been happening from balconies at night, to raise spirits that an end to isolation is near.


Driveways – Australians new social frontier

Australian families forced into social isolation are taking to the streets in protest.. Well at least as far as the curb! The Illawarra even reporting law-abiding street parties, with many finding themselves parked for the weekend on their beautiful exposed aggregate driveway!

A Coronavirus Street Party in Full Swing – https://www.illawarramercury.com.au/story/6711974/shellharbour-neighbours-brought-together-through-driveway-party/#slide=0

The combination of two of the Federal government’s new social distancing directives 1.the permission for personal exercise e.g. on footpaths and 2. The permission for families of the same household to remain in close contact, have reignited an old-fashioned form of families socialising with neighbours from the front porch!

But unlike the cramped apartment balconies of dense city centers like Wuhan and New York, our concrete driveways, front lawns and paved patios and pathways have become the new social frontier in our lives.

The dramatic new distancing rules mean no more sports, shopping malls or birthday parties. What better place to now legally fill that void than by parking one’s self proudly on a new, immaculate resin bound stone permeable driveway!

#thedrivweayproject, a trending hashtag community in Australia on Facebook and Instagram is a new and very Australian way of staying together and maintaining our sense of humour and community during this period of unprecedented social isolation.

Decorative stone driveways now make the perfect place for families to reconnect with the community and maintain the socialisation and our lifestyles. Mums head out with their Yoga mats to do ‘class on the grass’. Dads take out the camping chairs and a few projects to tinker on whilst catching up with old mate down the street.

For brothers and sisters, a versatile StoneSet resin bound stone driveway is a safe and practical driveway for almost every play activity – Whether using their scooter and roller blades, kick the ball, practice karate, running around and even have water fights without the stress of slipping on puddles and sliding on loose stone.

The concept of the Driveway featuring in Family Photos is not particularly new to Australians – https://www.screenaustralia.gov.au/sa/screen-news/2015/10-11-the-castle-top-10-quotes

Exposed Aggregate – the New family Photobooth!

The modern-day incarnation of how we connect with others is, of course, our digital communities. Through platforms like Facebook we have far greater reach than our physical communities and can share common interest and experience with thousands of people almost instantly.

Now with our recreational life mostly restricted to our homes, #thedrivewayproject has visually documented how families are now taking to their front yards to express their own unique ways of recreation in isolation

Photographers have been hardest hit by the rapid en-mass cancellation of functions and weddings. But reports of innovative Family photographers in CanberraDarwin, The Gold Coast and regional Victoria  have adapted to the strict new social distancing rules and spawned the trending hastag #thedrivewaymovement.


Kids skating on a natural stone Driveway – www.cassandrakirkphotography.com/
Families show their unique lifestyles as part of #thedrivewayproject – https://www.facebook.com/pg/francescafugaphotography/photos/?ref=page_internal


The Australian movement has been attributed to Francesca Fuga Photography starting in local Darwin suburbs, described as “a family portrait on your driveway, taken from the street, full of fun, joy and hope, to spread some happiness online and remind everybody that we’re all in this together!”

Want to be part of it?

At StoneSet, we’re all about community – We’ve helped great organisations like Wires and Mission Australia.

We would love to help people get involved in this great community initiative! For anyone with a StoneSet driveway, either our valued past customers or new makeovers in the next month -We’re offering a professional  photographer to come to your street (or friends in your suburb, they don’t have to be customers) and have your family portrait taken to be part of #thedrivewayproject.

Just get yourself comfortable on the day (weekends or weekdays) and please keep in mind we must adhere to all social distancing rules, by way of taking photos from the street, and family only etc. please do contact us and let us know your interest in the description, for past customers, just enter the installed address!

Dont get snapped on an ugly runway!!

StoneSet has been performing driveway first aid in Australia for more than 10 years now! We are proud to be invited to people’s homes and help transform some of even the most challenging rocky roads into beautiful resin-bound natural stone masterpieces. A gallery of just a few of our makeovers is shown below.

Not only can we completely overhaul the look of your home, but our Porous Driveways act to return water to the groundwater table and are approved by some of the most strict municipal councils as ‘fully porous’ for the purpose of approving development applications.



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