The Hidden Environmental Benefits of Porous Paving

Customers who are passionate about promoting sustainability should be very interested in porous paving for a number of reasons. Porous paving creates a surface that is accessible by water, thus enabling water to move naturally. As such, problems involving flooding are less likely to occur.

People who choose porous paving will also be doing their part to act against the contamination of waterways and the unnecessary loss of water in the first place. However, porous paving is sustainable for additional reasons in practice.


People who have used porous paving are often surprised to see how long it lasts. Products that last longer are better for the environment as a matter of course. Replacing anything requires people to use more resources. The durability of porous paving helps to make it significantly more sustainable.


People will often use a lot of water when they’re cleaning their driveways, pathways, and similar outdoor areas. They’ll often use a lot of detergent in the process, and some of these surfaces are so difficult to clean that people might need to use harsh chemicals that are potentially harmful to the environment.

They won’t have to worry about that when it comes to porous paving. Keeping these surfaces spotless should be much easier than most people expect. Since these surfaces don’t require a great deal of maintenance, people won’t use as much water and other materials. Products that aren’t high-maintenance are often much better for the environment. StoneSet has products that can make people’s lives easier while also giving them the chance to be responsible consumers.


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