The Benefits of StoneSet for Commercial Pool Decks

1980 Fawkner Towers VIC, 3mm Apollo, Pool Surround Overlay

When we hear the words, “deck” or “decking”, what comes to mind is a surface built from wood or composite material.

The area surrounding a swimming pool is called a deck, but as you have seen it is traditionally constructed from concrete. When it comes time to plan the construction of an in-ground pool at your facility, consider the overall results you wish to achieve. That will be the determining factor in the building materials you choose.

Budget is not always the top consideration in a commercial project such as this. The pressing concern is the ease of use for the clients, customers, patients, students or residents that will be enjoying the benefits of the new swimming pool.


There are pros and cons to every type of material typically used to build pool decks – concrete, wood, composite material, paver stones or brick. None of them meets all the requirements of the people that will use the pool better than StoneSet.

Accessibility. The pool is easy and safe to access by foot, walker or wheelchair.

Safety. The surface is slip-resistant, even when wet for people and patio furniture.

Comfort. It feels good to walk on, even in bare feet.

Attractive. The colours and design layout are aesthetically pleasing.

For you, as the facility owner or manager, the StoneSet system has immediate and long range benefits.

1980 Fawkner Towers VIC, 3mm Apollo, Pool Surround Overlay

  • Installation is fast, which means the project can be finished ahead of schedule.
  • Ongoing maintenance is very low – occasional sweeping and rinsing.
  • The materials are highly durable – able to withstand repetitive foot and vehicular traffic.
  • The system complies with the regulations for green building and prevention of soil erosion.

The design possibilities are unrestricted with this system. Contact us today to plan for a public pool deck that enhances and adds value to your property.

StoneSet Commercial applications