The Aesthetics of Porous Paving

Porous paving is growing in popularity every year. A simple material that’s been around for years, porous paving allows water to drain right through it, making it ideal for parking lots, walking paths, and other surfaces that won’t be expected to bear heavy loads.

However, this specific material offers more than environmental benefits, and long-term savings on construction costs. It is also aesthetically pleasing, and allows designers to marry the attractive to the practical.


The only functional difference between porous paving and traditional paving is a lack of filler product. This creates the channels in porous paving that lets water drain through it. However, it can also create a unique look that may be just what a designer had in mind.

As a quick for instance, porous concrete is rough, and can look more like gravel than the smooth finish we’re used to seeing. This might make it ideal for, say, a walking path in a park where a designer wants something that looks more rustic, but which is minimal work.

Porous asphalt is just as smooth and dark as its traditional version, as well, which makes for a flat, functional, uniform parking lot. However, rather than painting lines for parking spaces, the white sections could just as easily be made of a separate colour of paving, creating a permanent artistic setup that also serves a purpose.

Our flexible product comes in all sorts of shapes, colours, textures, and arrays. Designers who want to embrace the material’s green nature will find they won’t have to sacrifice aesthetics.

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Porous paving benefits whitepaper