Sustainability is the Future. StoneSet is Already There

It’s no secret that there has been a recent trend in preference given to sustainable, environmentally friendly, and conscientious options for near everything from all facets of life. In a recent survey, this trend was highlighted further, showing the expected consumer demand for such products: 83.3% are predicted to want native plants, 80% low-maintenance landscapes, and 74% are likely to prioritise permeable paving. With the growing awareness of the impact humans have on our planet, this should come as no surprise: people are realizing that we all should do our part in keeping the planet healthy and unharmed.


To that end, we created StoneSet, a way to pave without blocking off sections of the earth from water. The modern method of paving sidewalks and roads actively damages the environment: not only does it create impenetrable barriers that seal away the earth underneath, but it also actively pollutes our water by forcing rain and other liquids to run into gutters and storm drains, creating surges that can cause heavy erosion and flooding.

Sustainability is the future and Stoneset is already there to keep up with demand!

So how is StoneSet different from the traditional paving method?

  • StoneSet is porous, allowing water to freely travel through it to the ground below
  • We prioritise using recycled, reclaimed, and waste products over getting new materials
  • StoneSet can overlay old paving and thereby reduce waste going into landfills
  • We use materials from environmentally aware quarries
  • By way of being a porous surface, StoneSet minimises the “Heat Island” effect of traditional concrete paving
  • StoneSet does not require any water to install, and so avoids the mixture of toxins into the earth during installation
  • By taking advantage of the porous nature of StoneSet, you can turn your driveway or sidewalk into a water harvesting area.

StoneSet is a durable, easy to install, green alternative to concrete paving, an industry which is one of the largest contributors to CO2 emissions. By being environmentally aware, we hope not only to meet the growing demand of green productions, but also the growing need of a healthier planet. Please contact us should you have any questions about StoneSet, or are interested in using our product.