StoneSet to Enhance Your House

There are many environmentally friendly benefits to using StoneSet instead of concrete: it’s better for the environment, it helps in regulating temperatures in hotter months and its porous nature allows for water to simply drain through for tree and plant health. What you may not know is that besides these environmentally sound benefits, there are many other perks to using StoneSet for your home.


StoneSet is very cost-effective. You will not be tapping into savings just to get your paving needs met when using StoneSet. The cost for porous installation is $150 per square meter, and $100 for overlay (overlay we will discuss later in this post).



You may be thinking something so reasonably priced would not meet your visual attraction standards, but that is not the case with StoneSet. We offer a large variety of colours for you to choose from, as well as many different design options. The finished product will be beautiful while still maintaining practicality in being environmentally sound.


Another benefit to using StoneSet is its anti-slip feature. Even after a heavy rain you will not need to worry about slipping and falling on StoneSet due to its pervious and textured finish.



Our paving products are not only cost-efficient, beautiful, and safe, they are also very durable. We use a top-notch resin bond, making it strong and ideal for driveways. This durability also makes it low-maintenance.



Even if you currently have concrete but would be interested in investing in StoneSet paving, you are able to do so with our ability to overlay. Concrete can become worn, which would require patching and a lot of money. Choosing StoneSet instead of concrete would allow us to cover the existing concretewith our porous paving, saving you money and creating beautiful driveways and walkways for you.


If you would like more information on our products, please contact us. We would love to help you with your paving needs!


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