StoneSet: THE Landscaping SOLUTION for your Clients

Landscapers looking for new ideas and new products find StoneSet perfect for their clients looking for something new, too. StoneSet, available across Australia and New Zealand, provides a wonderful overlay and porous paving solution for hardscaping projects of all kinds: driveways, front entrance ways, carports, parking lots, pathways, equipment pads, patios and porches, play areas, tree surrounds and pool surrounds.

StoneSet comes with a solid 10 year guarantee; however, designed to last in excess of 25 years, the resin technology provides long-lasting, low-maintenance landscaping.


StoneSet comes in 24 colours of natural stone and 6 colours of vibrant recycled glass from local sources to compliment any architectural design and to accommodate the landscaping artist with a palette of colours. Lighter colours keep surface temperatures cooler around the home, but darker or bright colours provide artful accents that will impress your clients and their neighbours.

StoneSet’s high quality flexible polyurethane resin binds natural stone or recycled glass leaving voids between stones to allow water to penetrate to the soil below, reducing puddles and run-off to conserve water for lawns and gardens, with a slip-resistant stable and sturdy surface. StoneSet’s environmentally friendly benefits reduce the long-term costs of landscaping and require little maintenance.

Landscapers love StoneSet’s overlay product to cover existing cracked and crumbled concrete for clients on a budget, and the endless possibilities StoneSet’s fully porous paving product provides clients with larger budgets or hard-to-please clients with highly creative landscaping project plans. Landscapers love StoneSet’s products to convince clients to avoid the use of concrete in their designs.

Clients love the environmentally friendly and sustainable aesthetics of StoneSet’s finished porous paving products, and they will refer friends, family, and neighbours.

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