Environmental and Social Credentials

Here at StoneSet we are committed to operating in socially, ethically and environmentally responsible ways. Below are some of the organisations we support and initiatives we’ve undertaken.

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Responsible Quarrying

All StoneSet stone is Australian sourced, “decorative aggregate” from crusher quarrying in Australia. Essentially coloured, commonly available granites and quartz  is mined and crushed to produce the smaller aggregate. StoneSet stone is dry screened (filtered) into smaller 6mm sizes. Importantly, dry screening means there is little / no water used to remove the dust from the stone. The small amount of river stone type pebble (rounded by decades of erosion) available through StoneSet has been sourced from 3 regulated, Australian suppliers, meaning;

  • Fair worker wages and conditions
  • Regulated, Sustainable mining approaches
  • Far less energy in freighting stone (from overseas)
  • Significantly less water used than Cement / Pavers

WIRES Animal Rescue

We are proud supporters of WIRES – NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc. Which is Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organisation.

We support wires both financially and with directors being active Volunteers – including Director Andy on Field assignment early 2020 to assist the Northern Hairy Nose Wombat

mission Australia Landscaping

In 2019, StoneSet contributed the supply and install of porous paving for the “Wellness Garden” at the Mission Australia offices at Mount Druitt. See the full video of the project below.

Offsetting 27 Tonnes of co2

Since July 2017, StoneSet has been an annual “Green Partner” of the carbon offsetting organisation “Carbon Neutral“. Collectively, 22 million trees have been planted over the last 15 years and Australian Association of United Nations credits them with “a clear vision for biodiverse revegetation at a large scale as they seek to create a 10,000 sq km habitat corridor”

Community initiatives

In 2014, StoneSet supplied paving for the Sustainable water usage feature at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden show.

Probono Projects – Wires

We work with WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc). On pro-bono labour capacity for small projects, which assist in their mission in dedicating most of their donations directly to the care of animals.