StoneSet Renovation Project

Autumn has fallen upon you like the urgent need to renovate the front of the house. Do you have a slippery warped asphalt or cracked concrete driveway? Is your concrete pathway starting to crumble?

Do guests politely comment about the resilience of your plants as they someone continue to carry on without water? Do you worry about someone hurting themselves by slipping on the asphalt or cracked concrete? StoneSet offers a solution for your problematic home front.



StoneSet offers an impressive finish with an extensive range of twenty-four colours of natural stone. Dark stone colours provide nice accents or patterns to dazzle your design. Lighter colours of natural stone look great in expansive areas like driveways, front walks, and entrance ways and make your property and your home appear larger and nicer looking than your neighbours’ homes who still have concrete or asphalt.

Concrete, though light in colour, does nothing for the senses. Concrete looks cold, but is often too hot. Concrete paths generally stay straight, square, and ugly until they crack, crumble, or discolour. Custom concrete flat work can flatter if professionally done, but it will crack and crumble or discolour again eventually. Asphalt is dark, hot, straight, square, and ugly until it fails in cold, hot, or fair weather. Asphalt always fails to flatter the front of the house and no one replaces it. Concrete and asphalt are out.

StoneSet is in. Hardscaping is the newest trend in landscaping, and it’s actually very easy. StoneSet does not need to replace concrete or asphalt, as we can simply overlay it with your custom design.

Natural stone driveways, front walks, and entrance ways are more welcoming, aesthetically pleasing, and offer design possibilities that will make your neighbours and guests jealous.

StoneSet can also be porous when laid on road base. The porous quality of StoneSet paving keeps your parched landscaping and lawn properly watered, conserves water by keeping it on your property and not allowing it to run-off into streams and rivers, and sustains a fresh natural look for the front of your home.



Your home front will be safer with StoneSet porous paving, as your surfaces become level and durable. With minimal maintenance, StoneSet surfaces are guaranteed to sustain the elements for ten years, and even have a twenty-five year design life. Surfaces stay cooler than concrete or asphalt and the porous quality prevents cracking and crumbling. 

Porous paving keeps surfaces puddle-free and dry when it rains or when the lawn sprinklers water the landscaping. Sand applied while StoneSet’s resin material sets stone in place keeps surfaces slip-resistant to prevent falls.

When you realise it’s time for your residential front-end renovation, contact us to plan it, design it, and to professionally hardscape StoneSet solutions for the toughest problems facing the front of your house.


Safe, no maintenance, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing long lasting designs, StoneSet delivers it all!


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