StoneSet Patios for Outdoor Restaurant Dining

In the restaurant industry, outdoor seating is becoming increasingly popular by utilising the space to create an appealing environment for guests and to increase the bottom line.

Depending on how much space is available, you can more than double your seating area by constructing patio areas around the main building. The more seating you have, the more potential there is to up your profits.

Outdoor restaurant dining works well when the temperature is moderate year round. Consider installing overhead awnings or large umbrellas to protect from the rain and provide shade. Water fountains, lighting effects, potted plants and piped in music create an enjoyable ambiance for your guests. Outdoor heaters can be set up for cool evenings.

For the patio surface, it’s to your benefit to use materials that look decorative, can withstand heavy foot traffic, are slip resistant and easy to maintain. StoneSet meets all these criteria with the added bonus of being very fast to install.


Your serving staff will be happy to work with a patio surface that easily sweeps or wipes up while they are on the run. StoneSet easily cleans up in minutes. Since it is a permeable surface, there is no concern for flooding the sidewalk or street – the water is absorbed into the ground below.

StoneSet is quite versatile in terms of design. With everything from plain to complex patterns in the stone, it is easy to create a look to tie in with the architecture of your main building. We can even incorporate your logo into the design.


The truth is people enjoy dining outside because the environment is conducive to friendly gatherings and conversation. Done well, you will fill up your seats.

Remember to contact your city to inquire about special permits and conditions that may be required for an outdoor seating area. More and more councils ask for permeable solutions – where StoneSet is the perfect answer. Contact us for assistance with designing the ideal space to serve your needs.

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