StoneSet Makes a Creative Backyard Playground

Brighten your child’s day with a new StoneSet backyard playground.

A popular large gift idea for children is a backyard swing set or jungle gym, but as children grow, they often outgrow this type of playground equipment, and they easily find this kind of equipment on school playgrounds or at public parks. The backyard playground should stimulate creativity and accommodate children of any age and the whole family, so they all play together.

StoneSet’s porous paving product enables you to create a custom-designed play space for your children and whole family to play together safely, from locally-sourced natural stone and brightly coloured recycled glass. What makes StoneSet a perfect porous paved space? StoneSet surfaces are guaranteed to last for ten years and have been engineered to endure for 25 years with little to zero maintenance.

StoneSet’s polyurethane resin binds natural stone or recycled glass leaving voids between stones to allow water to pass through the hard surface. Water from rain or irrigation passes through the porous paving to nourish lawns or gardens surrounding the StoneSet surface. StoneSet therefore helps in: conserving water, preventing soil erosion, and keeping the earth cool instead of letting water run off, leaving ruts in the soil, and heating the earth like with concrete surfaces. Contact us to learn more about StoneSet and how your children can help design their backyard playground.

With 24 colours of natural stone and 6 colours of vibrant coloured recycled glass, it’s easy and fun to design a playground or patio surface of any shape or size that your children will love. Incorporate red circles or blue triangles or green squares or another playful pattern into a natural stone base for an aesthetically pleasing and fun learning environment that will double as a patio as the children mature.

Surround the playground area with raised garden beds to help your children learn about gardening and to give them structures to hide behind or to run around when they play imaginative backyard games. Incorporate water features such as fountains or bird baths to attract wildlife and for a more natural park-like setting.

StoneSet’s porous paving product is brilliant for creating play spaces, but also practical spaces like driveways, patios, pool surrounds, parking lots, and pathways. StoneSet’s slip-resistant surface keeps your family safe while playing in the backyard regardless of the application. Curious and creative kids love places made just for them where they can safely play and explore the world. Contact StoneSet today for ideas to create a playful backyard for your children.

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