StoneSet Is Recommended By Councils


As a property owner, it can be an enjoyable experience to design the exterior landscape of your home; everything can be tailored to your wants and needs. It all comes down to the amount of space required for vehicles, the incorporation of shrubs and trees, or whether or not an in-ground swimming pool for those hot summer days is needed. Even though it is a big project, the end result of a beautiful and functional layout is well worth the time and effort. But when planning a design, it is often necessary to take certain legalities into consideration; namely the requirements of council ordinances.



Many communities are becoming aware of the need for higher levels of environmental/land protection. As the population increases and urbanisation covers the country with concrete and asphalt, excess water run-off is causing damage in 2 ways:

  • Bursts of rain create an overwhelming rush into the stormwater systems.
  • Run-off prevents the much-needed water from soaking into the ground for roots to absorb.


While the ratio between hard and soft surfaces will always depend on the desires of individual homeowners or council, there is a great degree of practicality in maintaining a balance between the two.

Grass and other greenery makes a great environment for pets, and also for nurturing skills such as gardening and botany. Unfortunately, it also requires regular maintenance in order to look attractive and healthy. Grass also suffers when trafficked by vehicles and regular pedestrian activity. For those who are looking for a low maintenance surface that is exceptionally durable, yet helps relieve the problem of runoff, many are turning to StoneSet.

Councils across Australia and New Zealand recognise the value of StoneSet, and are recommending it as a highly suitable choice for various applications. The strength of the combined resin and aggregate is strong enough to carry heavy vehicular traffic, yet the porous surface also allows water to seep through.


Whether you need a driveway, pool area, walking path, or tree surrounds, StoneSet is a superior alternative to gravel or concrete. The natural slip-resistance of StoneSet makes it an ideal choice for areas that may become wet, or areas of incline.

After the initial installation, this porous pavement requires very little attention, and a 10-year warranty guarantees a secure and fade-free surface for every client.

Contact StoneSet today, and see what they have to offer!