StoneSet in Your Landscaping Projects for Your Clients

When done correctly, landscaping can transform a simple house, to a homeowner’s dream. Many landscaping companies stick to traditional methods of beautification which give a pleasant, though somewhat typical, result. Innovation and advancement are essential to keep any business on top.

In order to impress current clients and bring in new ones, consider advancements that your company can use. StoneSet is uniquely qualified to not only improve your business but also show your dedication.  Take a look at how StoneSet can be used in landscaping projects to make sure your company is the one people turn to.



When a client wants a job done, they usually want it done as fast as possible.  Existing walkways and patios sometimes come with old pavement that would typically need to be removed before any changes can be made.  StoneSet can actually be put right over any existing pavement. This will make the job much quicker and eliminate any waste.  Clients will be thrilled about the time and money they save as well as the lowered stress on the environment.



StoneSet is a porous paving option that is highly effective when trying to conserve water.  This type of pavement allows water to flow through and be returned to the ground.  Traditional pavement does nothing for the landscape in terms of sustainability.  StoneSet will expand your options when it comes to grass, trees, and other shrubs.  With water being returned to the ground, the homeowner will not have as much to do to keep their land looking picture perfect.



Aside from the practical uses of StoneSet, there are aesthetic benefits as well.  A swimming pool has the potential to be the focal point of the backyard.  StoneSet has the ability to provide a clean, natural look to the entire pool area.  The appearance of sand or gravel may be appealing, however, it is can get all over the place in a high use area.  StoneSet can give a pleasant sandy appearance, without all the pitfalls of using actual sand.  Give your clients the option to turn their pool area into a day at the beach.

Pourous pool surrounds


StoneSet has many benefits for both landscapers and their clients.  It is environmentally friendly, efficient, cost-effective, and it can fit the personal tastes of any homeowner.

By using StoneSet for landscaping projects, you can expand your client’s options as well as your portfolio.  Once you decide to incorporate StoneSet in your landscaping, there is nowhere for your business to go but up.


Learn more about the advantages of our product by reading our Free Whitepaper, downloadable below:


Porous paving benefits whitepaper