StoneSet Has Solved Many Landscaping Problems

Property owners hire landscape architects and engineers to enhance the comfort and style of their homes and businesses. Whether they want to use a larger part of their outdoor space or provide a relaxing setting for employees, it is important that the area is stylish and easy to maintain. That means affordable products with comfortable results.

The lay of the land and the soil composition makes it imperative that the architect uses the right materials for the job. StoneSet has porous solutions that protect the foliage as well as safeguard the environment.


Porous paving allows designers to protect the plants and trees they add to their design. This means they have access to the nutrients in the soil as well as the water that permeates the paving application. By applying porous materials to your landscape, you encourage water drainage in the surrounding area. This prevents erosion and protects the water table from excessive pollutants that accumulate from runoff.

By incorporating porous paving solutions into your landscaping designs, you have a wider range of plantings to choose from and they are easier to care for. This is beneficial to the property owner as well as the community because it provides a beautiful background for others to enjoy and emulate.


Overlay paving allows designers to save money and time on their landscaping projects. Applying surface dressings to the cracks and crevices of an old pathway renews its beauty without disrupting the surrounding areas. This decreases the cost of the project as well as allowing designers to use green solutions that protect the environment. The work is completed quickly with the high-end results your customers are looking for.

Contact StoneSet to discuss your next project and discover an affordable, reliable, green solution that solves many of the issues Landscape Engineers face when tackling their latest designs.


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