StoneSet FOR your client’s landscaping projects

As a landscaping contractor, you have likely encountered homeowners that have very set ideas for designing their backyard spaces. In some cases, they have not included the physical elements of the terrain that must be considered.

Fortunately, that where your expertise come in! You can assist them with potential drainage issues, a focal point for the area, balancing the elements and keeping the greenery.


In our part of the world, pollution from water runoff is a serious issue. Instead of using materials that force the potential for flooding, you can implement products such as are part of the StoneSet system to capture and reuse rainwater.



Add features that naturally draw the eye. It is human nature to scan a landscape seeking an element that is purposely placed as the visual destination.



There is nothing more disturbing to the natural flow of a space than an object that sticks out like a sore thumb. Each element in the design should complement the surroundings. Dropping a large boulder thoughtlessly on a hard surface is not permitted!



Trees, shrubs and tastefully placed flower gardens soften the effect of a hardscaped area. In this case, how to incorporate StoneSet in your landscaping projects for your clients is to use it for tree-surrounds and walkways by the gardens that allow rainwater to seep into the soil. The presence of ample greenery assists with preventing water runoff.


If you have questions about planning a hardscape design with StoneSet products we are here for you! Contact us today.

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