StoneSet For Prettier Backyards

Much has been said about how practical and useful porous paving, and especially StoneSet, is, but not so much about how aesthetically appealing it can make a property. This is a serious omission: StoneSet has 3 ways of making any backyards lovelier.



Your designing horizon will expand dramatically when you realize that you aren’t stuck with boring grey patios or paths. StoneSet finishes come in everything from green to ruby red, and you can introduce designs to the surface. The only difficulty will be picking which colours you like best.


StoneSet is made of particles of 3 different sizes, which can be mixed for a variety of effects. Now, there are practical reasons for different mixtures (such as using all 3 sizes to make a more rugged surface), but the aesthetic reasons are just as good. You can use the 3mm particle size to obtain a smoother finish or to provide a contrast to another section made of 6mm particles. The design choices are subtle and allow you total control over your turf.


Concrete and other non-porous surfaces tend to break down and look shabby after a while. StoneSet will look fresh and clean for 10 years, at which point it can be easily refreshed by adding a little resin. The maintenance, in the meantime, is even easier: it only needs a deep cleaning once a year to look its best. This is a major selling point for any homeowner. You are installing something that will off-set and complement the rest of your landscape. You will have a reason to grin every time a guest looks at your patio or walk way for years to come.

If you want a beautiful backyard, but are stuck for design ideas, contact us. StoneSet can be the look that you are waiting for.

Read more on how to use StoneSet for Commercial Applications in our free guide:

StoneSet Commercial applications