StoneSet for Hospital Campuses

Hospitals have a reputation for being cold and clinical. Sick people want to leave as soon as possible, and their relatives find visiting them a bore. It doesn’t have to be this way, however, and a great first step in making hospitals hospitable is using StoneSet on the campus grounds.

There are three reasons why this is so.


StoneSet’s slip-resistant texture and puddle-discouraging porousness make it safer for people who may be on crutches or recovering their sense of balance. It allows water to drain off paths quickly, so people can go on the paths immediately after it rains or a sprinkler malfunctions. All this encourages exercise, which gives people in recovery less time to brood. It encourages physical therapy and eases people into the more active world outside of the recovery ward.


People will find visiting patients far more pleasant if patients can go for a walk with them. Rambunctious children can stroll with ailing relatives where their noisiness won’t bother neighbours, visitors who hate hospitals can pretend they are in a garden, and people who are standing vigil over ailing relatives can stretch their legs. You can lay prominent walks for your patients with StoneSet that will call to these visitors. These happier visitors will please your patients and speed their recovery.


A good way to lessen the impression of a cold, clinical place is to surround it with nice landscaping, and StoneSet is aesthetically pleasing as a path surface. It comes in a variety of colours and textures, which means that you can use it to enhance the looks of flowerbeds and lawns. The paths themselves can be works of art, displaying any pattern you think patients would find soothing. Emulate Monet for a peaceful ambience, or emulate Picasso for a lively first impression. These architectural touches will work on your patients to make them less nervous about treatment.

If your hospital campuses would benefit from a StoneSet redo, contact us. Your patients will thank you.

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