StoneSet CBD roof tops to absorb heat

Rooftop stones and ballast are used to reflect the harsh UV from underlying waterproofing and reflect light. So why would you use black stone that absorb heat?Being a resin bound Stone product, StoneSet is as versatile in its application as it’s range of colours. High rise buildings are often specified with StoneSet on rooftops, to hide black waterproofing and absorb heat from the sun.

Our StoneSet website has hundreds of immaculately paved stone driveways, pathways and courtyards. As such, the StoneSet portfolio gives the impression of a premium product, and indeed the stone is a premium grade, without ‘fines’  (the powdery/dust component washed out of the stone)

Replacing UV damaged turf

Creating a recreational space out of a CBD rooftop makes sense, not only from a real estate perspective, but improving the working conditions of those employees of the building looking to escape the desk and paperwork over lunch.

This was the aim of the buildings owner, who had previously surfaced the rooftop with synthetic turf, to create a natural appeal for the outdoor space.

However, being exposed to UV for 12 hours a day, for years on end, the synthetic turf had become brittle, worn and torn in parts, particularly at the thoroughfares which experienced the most amount of friction, wear and tear.

The decision was to replace the surface with another paving product that had a natural appearance. Resin bound stone was an ideal choice, not just in the appearance of loose stone, but in the longevity of a natural stone which would not become brittle due to UV exposure and wear out around the path entries and exit points for the rooftop.

Versatile stone paving

Architecturally StoneSet resin bound stone has been used on dozens of applications. City rooftops are very popular for application of loose stone. Whilst StoneSet has been installed on pool rooftops for decorative and practical purposes in the past, here were looking at why stone is specified for rooftops rather than tile or pavers?

In September 2018 StoneSet was appointed installer of roof top stone for a CBD development in Melbourne. The existing surface of the roof was waterproofed, however the drainage mean extended periods of pooling, therefore attracting birdlife and algal growth in some areas.


Why black Stones for Rooftops?

  • Stone is relatively cheap – especially larger stone
  • Stone absorbs UV and does not wear (unlike petroleum or water-based coatings)
  • From above stone is much more aesthetically pleasing

Its common knowledge that light colours of natural stone reflect the suns energy, and reduce outdoor temperatures around the home and other buildings while conserving water on the property.

Dark colours on the other hand absorb the heat, and are often used on CBD rooftops to increase the warmth of the surface, say during winter. For this example in Melbourne, the owners wanted to increase the temperature of rooftop of the building adding to the heat island/mass effect by absorbing as much as possible. .

Loose stone issues

A natural, atheistically pleasing protection layer for waterproofing on roof tops is often loose pebbles, the nuggets of stone are easy to install and can provide a much better perspective for neighbouring buildings that have your roof as part of their panorama.

Loose pebbles are also a perfect target for the curious and intelligent local bird wildlife. Their curiosity, playful nature and misconception that some of these pebbles are eggs ends up with some very costly and dangerous results.


Stoneset and Pouron – Perfect solution

Pour On Gravel Binder is another cost effective method of glueing pebbles together for roof, rather than looking at bird netting.

Top areas to help prevent the dangerous migration of particles in high winds and though bird interference. As such StoneSet is an easy to maintain, attractive and long lasting solution to an ever increasing problem for building and maintenance managers.

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