StoneSet Applications for Religious Centers

Religious centers such as temples, churches, and mosques, central to communities, should offer a refuge from the “concrete jungle” of the city. Concrete detracts from the beauty of natural materials used in religious buildings, while natural stone landscaping compliments the connection between the earth and spirituality.

StoneSet’s porous paving products offer solutions to concrete’s problems, and to many environmental problems, too. It’s up to the religious centres to solve humanity’s problems. Providing a sanctuary from life’s problems involves landscaping so that people looking for answers have a peaceful place to contemplate the hard questions of life. Concrete environments make thinking in the abstract hard.



Thanks to StoneSet, architects and landscaping designers have a new hardscaping product, one that compliments religious centres’ missions, and one that improves the environment. Easy on the budget and on the eyes, StoneSet locally-sourced 24 colours of natural stone and 6 colours of recycled glass, make creating low-maintenance aesthetically pleasing sanctuaries simple and delightful to design to best suit your purposes. Colours, important to religious atmospheres and abstract thinking, often get left out of the design with boring concrete.

StoneSet has as many applications as it has colours: parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, main entrance ways, garden pathways, courtyards, children’s play areas, patios, picnic areas, or entertainment venue spaces, so you can custom design landscaping for your purposes.

Contact us for project ideas for new buildings and renovations. Ask about StoneSet Overlay Options to overlay existing concrete.

StoneSet’s special polyurethane resin binds natural stone, but leaves voids between stones, so that irrigation or rainwater trickles through to the soil to nourish lawns and gardens on your property. Conserving water and reducing maintenance costs reduces overall expenses for your building. Lighter colours of the natural stone keep your property cooler and more pleasant to attend in any weather. Darker colours of natural stone create attention getting patterns, borders, or designs that invite people to explore your property and your religious centre’s mission.

Like commercial clients enjoy incorporating logos into their designs, religious centres enjoy incorporating spiritual symbols, mosaics, centre name or logo, or other significant markings or words into their porous paving designs. Parking lot lines, special space markings, or bus parking signage inlaid into parking lots help religious centres maintain order on busy days. StoneSet’s vibrant colours of recycled glass remain popular for creative children’s play areas, or for brightening garden areas, or for renovating front entrance designs to complement existing building stained glass elements.

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