StoneSet Applications for Community Swimming Pools and Parks

Suburban and rural community planners and home owners’ association managers now look to replace concrete in the common areas in residential neighborhoods for environmental and aesthetic reasons.

Some neighborhoods, regardless of age, have way too much concrete: streets, sidewalks, driveways, porches, patios, pathways, trails, swimming pool surrounds, parking lots, parks, and they have become “concrete jungles,” just like our big cities across Australia and New Zealand. StoneSet’s porous paving product fits all these applications, better than concrete.

StoneSet’s porous paving products offer an alternative to concrete that uses locally-sourced natural stone and recycled glass materials for a green solution to common concrete community-wide problems such as: whole areas and surfaces that stay too hot to enjoy; water run-off and flood prone areas; deteriorating and damaged concrete that presents a dangerous hazard and high maintenance costs; and a community that lacks aesthetic appeal. Improve your community landscaping with StoneSet.

Community swimming pools.jpeg

StoneSet’s scientifically-engineered polyurethane resin binds natural stone to create a hardened surface, but leaves voids between stones, so that rain and irrigation water drains through to the soil to prevent erosion, to conserve water, and to nourish lawns and gardens throughout the community. Slip-resistant and puddle resistant surfaces designed to last 25 years with little maintenance and can wear better than concrete. StoneSet comes in 24 colors of natural stone and 6 bright colors of recycled glass to enhance any area with exciting design elements.

To eliminate concrete, community planners encourage the use of natural stone in resident’s landscaping designs by using natural stone in design applications for community areas such as swimming pool surrounds and neighborhood parks.

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