StoneSet Applications for Child Care Centers

Across Australia and New Zealand, Child Care Centers seek solutions to replace old cracking and crumbling concrete surfaces to make their centers safer and more environmentally friendly places for children to develop.

StoneSet’s unique porous paving product binds natural loose stone with a polyurethane resin to create hard surfaces that allow water to permeate through, preventing soil erosion and conserving water to nourish lawns and gardens. StoneSet’s porous paved surfaces minimize puddles and prevent slips and falls for safer playing and learning. StoneSet, designed to endure beautifully for 25 years, requires little to no maintenance beyond normal cleaning.

StoneSet comes in 24 colors of natural stone to compliment any architectural design, whether rustic or modern. Lighter colors keep surfaces cooler, while darker colors allow for creative borders, designs, or patterns in your overall landscaping design. StoneSet also has 6 bright colors of recycled glass, which child care centers absolutely love to create fun and exciting play areas and to incorporate the child care center logo into entrance way designs. Contact us at StoneSet for project ideas to customize your child care center.



  • Parking Lots with inlaid parking space lines
  • Main Entrance Ways with inlaid Child Care Center Logos
  • Outdoor Learning Activity areas with inlaid markings such as circles, squares, or triangles or numbers and letters for structuring group learning exercises
  • Educational Garden Pathways or Greenhouse Floors
  • Patio or Picnic Areas


Prestigious-looking child care centers with environmentally friendly facilities have long wait lists. Set your childcare center apart from the competition with StoneSet, and provide the children in your care with a more natural learning environment.


For more insights on how to use StoneSet for commercial applications get our free guide:


StoneSet Commercial applications