StoneSet Applications for Apartment and Condo Communities

Apartment and Condo Communities save money and solve many maintenance problems while improving the quality of life in their multi-resident communities when they replace their old deteriorating concrete surfaces with StoneSet’s porous paving solutions. No one wants to live in a “concrete jungle,” so improve your community with StoneSet porous paving.



StoneSet’s polyurethane resin binds natural loose stone while leaving voids between stones to allow rain and irrigation water to penetrate to prevent soil erosion and to conserve water to nourish lawns and gardens on apartment or condo community grounds. StoneSet’s sandy top finish applied while the product dries, leaves a slip-resistant surface that prevents costly slips and falls. Residents appreciate slip-resistant sidewalks and parking lots whether moving in or out, and when carrying groceries to their homes.

StoneSet’s porous paving provides your community with an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution for many practical applications.

StoneSet comes in 24 colors of natural stone and in 6 vibrant colors of recycled glass to compliment any apartment or condo complex architecture and design, and to replace that boring old concrete with hardscaping that attracts new residents and retains existing residents. Incorporate apartment or condo community logo or crest, parking lines, and community amenity signage into your paving design for a prestigious look.



  • Parking Lots with inlaid lines and special space signage or slot numbers
  • Sidewalks with inlaid building letters or numbers, inlaid laundry facility or mail box signage
  • Leasing Office Entrance Way with inlaid Apartment Community Logo
  • Community Center Entrance Way with inlaid Community Logo
  • Community Picnic Areas
  • Ground Floor Apartment or Condo Patios
  • Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Surrounds with inlaid bright designs
  • Playground with inlaid bright designs
  • Community Garden Pathways or Walking Paths
  • Tennis or Basketball Courts

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