StoneSet Applications Around the House for Busy Professionals

Work/life balance is a challenge for professionals and entrepreneurs with a focus on career advancement or building a business. An increased workload is expected when moving up in status. Time is one of your most precious commodities. At the end of the day when you finally arrive home, the last thing on your mind is yard maintenance.


StoneSet applications around the house simplify your home maintenance routine. This frees up hours that you can spend with your family, rather than mowing grass and pulling weeds.

The StoneSet system involves an easy installation and fits within your budget. Using natural stone and non-toxic, high-grade resin, an unruly lawn is made manageable by covering it with an elegant, durable surface. The surface is permeable which means it reduces the issues of flooding and pollution.



  • Your outdoor areas are aesthetically appealing.
  • The surfaces resist weed overgrowth, yet allow water to trickle though into the ground.
  • There is virtually no maintenance required.
  • The stone withstands years of heavy activity and foot traffic.
  • The system is relatively inexpensive to install, compared with other paved surfaces.
  • You have several colours and texture options available to create unique designs.
  • Your landscape contractor can completely transform your outdoor space within days.



Our team of experts at StoneSet can advise you on custom-designing a hardscaped yard that frees up your time for important family activities. You are welcome to contact us with questions about implementing our products into your design concepts.

We also strongly recommend to download our FREE Inpiration Book that displays our most recent work for our customers – a great opporturnity to look at our product in real life!