Shopping Centres Deserve Beautiful and Safe Paths and Parking Lots

Shopping centers are always highly concentrated areas of activity and heavy foot traffic. With all the hustle and bustle, commercial centers are too often places for slips and falls. Porous pavement can prevent these accidents, protect the environment, and create visually stunning paths that shoppers will appreciate.

Porous pavement is a special form of commercial paving because water seeps right through it instead of pooling on top, reducing puddles and algal growth. It is also slip resistant and trip hazard free. It is ideal paving for small children, teens, adults, and the elderly. It works well for anyone!

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StoneSet is not only slip resistant, it is weather tolerant, making it an ideal solution for shopping centers and commercial centers. It is easily maintained and simple to clean. With a design life of 25 years, StoneSet is an ideal solution for paving that will last.

Environmentally conscious shoppers will be thrilled to know that StoneSet is ecologically friendly. It is made from local and recycled materials. It does not need water to install, further decreasing waste and garbage in waterways. StoneSet has a carbon neutral footprint.

Available in virtually any colour, StoneSet is a beautiful, environmentally green, completely customizable alternative to traditional concrete. Our product can also be used in parking lots. Its porous quality benefits drivers by draining water from the surface and white divider lines can be applied to mark off parking spaces. Store owners can even use StoneSet for brand promotion, as logos and brand colours are easily incorporated into the paving. StoneSet also makes beautiful tree surrounds.

Read more on how to use StoneSet for Commercial Applications in our free guide:

StoneSet Commercial applications