Reuse, Don’t Redo: Overlay paving

Looking to replace your cracked, stained or worn out paving? How about instead of replacing the paving, overlay it instead. By choosing to overlay your old pavement instead of replacing it, you are saving time, money, and reducing the amount of waste associated with the renovation.

In 1997, when StoneSet was conceived, it was with the solution of overlay paving in mind. It was made to act as a hard-wearing coating to concrete which can withstand the traffic demands that its base layer was designed to manage. It is the most sustainable way to renovate pavement.


Some consumers may be worried that StoneSet will not be able to cover cracked areas, or that the finished product will be uneven and unsightly. This is not so. The product is created with a very flexible polyurethane resin, which means that it can be laid over cracked surfaces with little to no chance of further cracking. Consumers may be surprised to learn that StoneSet can even cover pavers and tiles smoothly!

Not only is StoneSet sustainable and cosmetically pleasing, it comes in many colors and sizes, allowing consumers to be creative with their renovations. Many StoneSet customers chose to have logos, designs, and patterns incorporated into the surface. The benefits of overlaying instead of replacing are immeasurable:

  • saves time, money, and reduces the amount of waste taken to landfills
  • uses a large range of locally sourced materials
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • smooth surface, making it wheelchair friendly
  • can be used around chlorinated or salt water pools
  • 10 year guarantee, with the polyurethane resin designed to last in excess of 25 years


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Alternatively, you can download our free Whitepaper explaining in details what is permeable paving and its benefits.

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