Residential StoneSet Applications

pathway stoneset

StoneSet offers a perfect product for homeowners and landscaping contractors with endless possibilities for applications around the house. Here is a sample showcase of possibilities, but the only limit is your creativity.

StoneSet’s environmentally friendly green porous paving comes in an artist’s palette of natural stone colours and bright colours of recycled glass to make any possible imagined design a reality. Dark natural colours and bright glass colours provide eye-catching accents in large lighter coloured surfaces. Lighter coloured surfaces keep the ground cooler around homes and buildings making it more pleasant to enjoy the outdoors.

StoneSet surfaces can eliminate puddles and are slip-resistant. They also come with a 10 year guarantee for no cracking, no colour change, no delamination. With a design life of 25 years and almost no maintenance, the benefits of the product are long term!



StoneSet’s porous paving perfects appearances of driveways, car ports, pathways and entrances and allows water to pass through to the front lawn, trees, bushes, and flowers sustaining a fresh and welcoming look from the curb. Your curb appeal will impress your guests and be the envy of your neighbours. StoneSet’s surfaces require almost no maintenance, leaving you with more time to enjoy the backyard.



Backyard barbecues and gardens provide home-cooked and home-grown food and really enhance entertainment during the summer months. Add a grilling pad to support your barbecue and a pathway to your herb garden to easily add spice to your favourite family meals.



Natural stone pathways along the sides of the house provide clear walking and a pleasant appearance while preventing soil erosion near the foundation. Perfect for driveways as well, why not create a beautiful entrance to your home.



Surround pools with StoneSet to provide a cooler more natural surface than concrete and are a lot nicer to walk on. Add bright colourful designs like waves, bubbles, or other shapes for summer fun time.



Porous patios of any colour, size, or shape add dimension and drama to a backyard’s main entertaining area. Cool light colours keep the surface cool, but dark accents develop the right mood, and vibrant recycled glass colours sparkle to brighten any occasion.



Surround playground equipment with StoneSet for a durable and slip-resistant playing surface with less puddles. Use bright colours of recycled glass in the design to add shapes, numbers, letters, or even a playground logo to your kids’ background playground.



If you have a large tree with a tree house, surround the tree trunk with StoneSet to provide more playing space on the ground for those scared of heights and to prevent erosion around the trunk and to provide water to the roots of the tree. Don’t have a tree house? Surround the tree with StoneSet and place a picnic table or a table and chairs to create a picnic patio island in your backyard.

See StoneSet’s Inspiration Book for great examples of our residential work and contact us to pick your colours and plan your design. Anything is possible with StoneSet!