Renovate now with StoneSet

If you looking to renovate and add value to your property, whether for re-sale, rental income or for your own enjoyment, this can be quite a challenge.

It is tricky to work out which renovations are most likely to increase the value of your assets.

External paving can have a massive impact on your property’s kerb appeal. Old worn surfaces such as tiles can be very off putting and decrease the value of your home. The entrance to your home and the outdoor entertaining area should be welcoming, clean, modern and stylish.

How can you improve the look of your property as quickly and as cost effectively as possible? With StoneSet overlay…

Old tiles being overlaid with StoneSet
Old tiles being overlaid with StoneSet
New StoneSet in 3mm Apollo

StoneSet’s high quality resin bound stone can overlay a wide range of different surfaces, tiles, concrete, asphalt and pavers. We can lay over 100m2 in one day and you can traffic the area after 24hours. StoneSet comes with a 10 year warranty, which covers no loose stone and no lifting from the base, making it a quick and long lasting solution.

With a wide range of natural Australian stones to pick from, we have a colour that will match any property, from heritage through to modern homes.

For extra tips and tricks we recommend Cherie Barber, creator of the Renovation for Profit course, and Australia’s leading renovation expert.  Or for more information about StoneSet, please call 1300 392 155, where our helpful sales team will be ready to assist you.


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