Freedom Plaza Tree Surrounds, Cabramatta

With a health conscious council looking to reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect, Fairfield City Council contracted landscapers to install StoneSet at tree surrounds at the heart of Freedom Plaza at the end of Dutton st, off John St Cabramatta.

The octagonal shape of the tree pits were in layed with a 6mm Ash stone to match the surrounding paving and framed by the a red paver lining. The natural stone look complimented the surrounding oriental landscaping, as the promenade featured the traditional Pai Lau gateway. The trees were chosen along with other landscaping elements to symbolise harmony and multiculturalism.

why Porous Tree Surround paving?

StoneSet is perfect for tree surrounds on heavy pedestrian use pathways. We’ve explained why other tree surround options can’t compete like metal tree grates and loose fill much are not only an eyesore with weeds but a trip hazard, when mulch eventually gets kicked loose.

Tree health is also vitally important, particularly in Western Sydney where the Urban Heat Island Effect is not mediated by coastal sea breeze. WSROC – the conglomeration of councils – “Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils” has has a strategic vision for improving the liveability of their cities, embodied in the “Turn Down the Heat” initiative.

This initiative aims to make real inroads into the reduction of the Urban Heat Island Effect, one of which is the promotion of a healthy urban canopy. Here, the council had invested in innovative new technologies like Porous Paving, to improve the health and canopy cover of the young trees along John St.