Cream Stone used on strata common area – Pathway installed on 23/8/18


Foyers and landings on council common property are busy thoroughfares. As such Issues like loose stone, concrete cracking and pooling or flooding from runoff are legitimate safety concerns for the Owners Corporations.

With the vast amount of common area pathways, Strata Committees are being forced to act on reports of trip and slip hazards and search for alternatives to ensure residents safety.

StoneSet addresses all of these issues for the owners corporation landscaping common property. Firstly our slip rating is graded for public accessibility ramps. We cast glass dust or sand over the curing surface to provide an instant anti-slip finish.

Secondly StoneSet addresses public safety concerns because it is porous. Because water doesn’t pool on the surface but flows down to the ground underneath. Pathways, public walkways and bike lanes also drain rapidly.

With a guarantee of no loose stone for 10 years, StoneSet is trip hazard free and adds traction for wheelchairs, making accessibility a breeze and avoiding unfortunate accidents, concerns and legal issues.

This common property landing at an apartment block in Coogee was surfaced in Cream coloured stone in keeping with the strata blocks external appearance. StoneSet don’t colour match existing stone.

Therefore some of the common existing stone surfaces we can effectively match include;

  • Deco Granite
  • Pebblecrete
  • Crusher dust
  • Road Base
  • Blue Stone
  • Crushed Rock

So, with 30 colours of stone available and the ability to create custom blends, we can effectively create a seamless transition from any existing stone on your common property, painted surface or paving surrounds.

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