Private Permeable Driveway & Pathway, Cremorne

Another example of where StoneSet provided the solution for councils requirements of soft landscaping and the home owners requirements for an aesthetic surface. 48m2 of permeable driveway and pathway was laid and created a beautiful entrance to the home – leaving everyone happy.


1608, Cremorne, 6mm Cream, Porous Driveway(2)
StoneSet was laid seamlessly – even over the step ensuring the natural look remained unbroken
1608, Cremorne, 6mm Cream, Porous Driveway(5)
The flexibility of StoneSet allows it to be neatly laid up to any shape without the cut lines of pavers, ensuring a neat and seamless finish


1608, Cremorne, 6mm Cream, Porous Driveway(6)
The guys preparing the base. You can see the edging is haunched in to ensure a strong finish. The road base has started to be compacted and levelled – ready to receive the gravel cell and StoneSet.