Fromelles Ave, Seaforth, NSW

concrete ash Driveway – porous installed on 42913

Looking to extend their driveway, with multiple paving options and a budget for concrete though unhappy with concrete, our clients decided to use StoneSet instead.

As this was a property in the Manly Council electorate and development application process at the time, the paving had to be classified as porous.

StoneSet created a new base for the additional area and then overlaid both with the 6mm Ash mx. The coating enabled the neighbours to not only avoid using concrete for the new area, but hide the concrete on the existing, leaving a seamless finish.

Because StoneSet can be used internally and externally, around pools, driveways, pathways, foyers and entries, it’s the perfect way to unify the look of your house from the street and for yourself looking over your patio or backyard.

Why pick a material made of aggregate particles laid over a porous substrate? Well, to start with, it keeps puddles from collecting by the house.

Non-porous materials can concentrate rainwater by the walls, and from there it can leak into the foundations and damage the house. If the puddles drip off the other end of the patio, your house may be spared, but over time the water can create a ditch by the patio that slowly undermines the patio itself.

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