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arctic ash patio and Driveway installed on 20/10/17

3mm stone colour Charcoal Ash Arctic was laid over 89m2 of driveway pateo and pathways and completely transformed the backyard of this residence. Laid at just a 12mm depth and able to tie in with all surrounding surfaces, the new stone layer has brought new life into this home, with no little to no disruption to the existing base.

Home improvement was on the clients minds, and adding a patio tops the list of additions.

Looking for paving ideas that provided a matching hardscaping option throughout the property, which effectively extends and waters the backyard: a comfortable space for relaxing with friends and safe place for enjoying the garden.

Today there are many choices when it comes to backyard paving and pateo materials. Understandably, you want to pick the best one to fulfil the functional and decorative purposes. A good one to choose is porous paving.

StoneSet Porous paving also gives you a multitude of colour and texture options. This means you can pick anything from a bright red to match your flowers to a deep black to offset your house. You can pick a pattern that complements your flowerbeds or reminds you of Alice in Wonderland. Your patio can be as unique as the designer.

Dont worry about that BBQ! Can grease be cleaned off? Yes. StoneSet is very low maintenance and easy to look after for a Pateo hard surface option. It can be cleaned simply with detergent, a brush or pressure washer.

This is a great video showing how easy it is to overlay pateos

StoneSet was represented by Tori Newton on Season 2, Episode 1 of the ‘Reno Show’ . Demonstrating the application of Tan DIY kits on a Pateo to host Naomi Findlay, see how quickly Pour On can be applied!

Heres some other great porous Pateos we’ve installed in the past


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