Kiama Council Tree Surrounds

Council Tree SURROUNDS using charcoal stone as soft landscaping


Concerned with tree surround drainage, Kiama council was originally looking at metal tree surround or tree guards made of concrete and plastic coverings.

A local hard landscaping contractor recommended StoneSet be considered with an extensive portfolio of tree surrounds.

Particularly option of 6mm stone Charcoal provided the modern look for these beautiful gum trees. Laid at a 30mm depth, StoneSet provides a neat, permeable surface allowing the rain to flow right through.

Unlike a combination of link edge and bark or similar alternatives like rubber tree surrounds, StoneSet will stay in place for 10 years plus with very minimal maintenance – making StoneSet perfect for commercial applications.

non permeable tree surround options

If you are looking for a solid finish that performs as a pathway in the same way the surrounding concrete, blocks or asphalt will be suitable.

However for longevity it relies on good compaction of base, and minimal root and tree trunk disruption. We generally recommend the incorporation of rubber within the stone mix if roots are prominent or cracking has been an issue previously.

Why not just use rubber on its own, you might ask? Well, in our experience rubber has two main flaws as a product for tree surround paving.

Unlike solid stone, rubber granules are susceptible to shrinkage. This can lead to gaps appearing around the edge of the tree pit and ultimately result in lifting of the surface.

The second is a concern regarding porosity. Rubber granules are generally used in a 4mm size, which leaves very small voids for water penetration.

It also leaves a finish with greater surface tension, which needs to be broken each time it starts to rain to allow the flow of water. This means the root ball won’t receive as much water as a stone 6 or 10mm finish. The tree will then be more likely to go looking for water, leading to more tree root movement and the potential of surface movement or cracking.

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