Whittlesea, VIC

Natural beach stone Pathway with gravel binder installed 28/3/18

Pour On was used to quickly and easily revitalise this area as the client was looking for a stone coat epoxy option to stop loose stone being walked over their floorboards.

Being a similar one part binding resin used in StoneSet DIY kits, Pour On provides our customers with the opportunity to get the StoneSet result themselves! With access to our beautiful natural aggregate range, not available in most landscape yards, you can create amazing results.

When ordering pebble epoxy you want to have sufficient stone and binder pre-weighed for you. This removes any room for error just mix together and lay! The clear resin has enables the beautiful stones to keep their natural look – though without the normal maintenance.

Can Pour On be used with any gravel?

The important criteria are that the gravel is graded as a single sized stone between 6mm and 20mm. The gravel needs to be clean and dry with minimum dust or fines. Any stone coat epoxy or resin bound natural stone is only as strong as the bonds that form between the resin.

What are the common issues with diy gravel binder

Rain and the amount of PourOn applied are common issues. If there is any rain forecast, we highly recommend the project be delayed as the resin is not allowed to dry in the rain.

Similarly, the application rate – Its very important to distribute the binder sparsely as per the installation, this is not a product where stones are immersed in the binder, simply poured on and will soak below the surface to create the binding links.

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