Mater Hospital

Mater Hospital installed in 2009

Mater Hospital Healing Gardens – Looking to create an area of calm for patients and visitors with ease of accessibility and close walking distance of reception, StonesSet was called upon as part of renovations to revitalise the area.

The area was designed with tranquil surrounds with many tropical plants planted within specially designed teardrop planter boxes and a water feature.

Why was StoneSet chosen for Mater Hospital Healing Gardens?

  • Easily Cleaned – If you notice how beautiful and clean the area appears, you would be surprised to know its in a highly trafficked area. As StoneSet is fully porous, it can easily be pressure cleaned every morning without pooling causing a slip hazard.
  • Bright Colour – Victorian Pearl was specified for the area as the Atrium received limited amount of sunlight. The area was made more open by the uniform colour of the stone  giving the area a feeling of greater space.
  • Non Slip – StoneSet is a slip resistant surface and can be rated as high as class V
    (equivalent to R13) proving a very low risk of slipping and is suitable for public ramps and areas of low mobility traffic such as hospital.


StoneSet specified as safe Hospital paving.

StoneSet meets accessibility standards. It is safe for wheelchairs. It also makes navigation of hospital paving, common grounds safer for medicated patients and the elderly, who have a greater risk for falls. StoneSet is porous, allowing water to penetrate the surface and flow into the ground, reducing pools and puddles of water, leading to greater aesthetics and fewer accidents.

StoneSet is also trip hazard free, which is a great concern to hospitals. Falls lead to over 110,000 hospital admissions every year, leading to a true need for safe walking surfaces in the large publicly accessible areas of hospitals.

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