Porous Private Pathway

Pathways around the home are a great application for StoneSet resin bound stone. Most commonly we do these around pools and large pathways through parks.

Natural stone is inherently slip resistant, being made of granite or marble – the friction rating is higher than other alternatives such as some natural tiles. Also, the stone has hard edges and corners on a very fine level, which provide a significant amount of friction in their own right.

On top of this, StoneSet can be designed to meet all slip resistance standards for public places and councils. For example, for a steep driveway we would recommend using a crushed rock (rather than a rounded pebble), and using a larger stone also makes a difference to the traction on driveways.

For Public spaces, we incorporate a very fine element of glass or sand into the mix, which ads significant grit to the surface and through out the mix. Not any sand can be used, be cause too fine aggregate can have the effect of weakening the polyurethane bonds that form between the stone. Of course we could