North Ryde, Pour on

Rooftop Stone gravel Binder  installed on 29/9/17

A natural, atheistically pleasing protection layer for waterproofing on building rooftops is often loose pebbles, the nuggets of stone are easy to install and can provide a much better perspective for neighbouring buildings that have your roof as part of their panorama.

However whilst pebbles provide a great looking and functional finish for rooftops – there is one major problem, and that is those pebbles falling off the top of your multi-storey building!

Loose pebbles on roof tops need stabilising to prevent birds and wind blowing them over the edge.

Also, there can be thermal advantages with the colour of stone used for rooftops;

Light colours of natural stone absorb the UV and reflect some of the visible spectrum of the suns energy, and reduce outdoor temperatures around the home and other buildings while conserving water on the property.

Dark colours on the other hand absorb the heat, and are often used on CBD rooftops to reduce the buildings heat island/mass effect by absorbing as much as possible. .

Here are some photos of stoneset rooftops we’ve installed


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