57 Tree pits across North Adelaide

glensanda Tree Surround installed on 19/9/18

6mm Charcoal provided the modern look for these beautiful gum trees. Laid at a 30mm depth, StoneSet provides a neat, porous surface allowing the rain to flow right through. Unlike bark or similar alternatives, StoneSet will stay in place for 10 years plus with very minimal maintenance – making StoneSet perfect for commercial applications.

The council was looking at options for tree surrounds and was considering terrabond and aboressin. These two products are similar to StoneSet permeable tree surrounds, however they dont offer the exposed stone look.


Rubber Tree Surrounds

Stone offers a strong, solid finish that performs as a pathway in the same way the surrounding concrete, blocks or asphalt will.

For longevity it relies on good compaction of base, and minimal root and tree trunk disruption. We generally recommend the incorporation of rubber within the stone mix if roots are prominent or cracking has been an issue previously. See this video to see the flexibility you can achieve with this blend.


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